I threw my hopes and dreams down a wishing well and learned that life ain't a fairy tale | Prince Charming was alarming and messed up in the head | lost count of all the stupid lies he said | this ain't the way it's supposed to be | wait til ya hear what they're saying of me | I'm a girl gone wild | girl gone wild | minding my own business on a summer's day hangin' out with a brand new flame | then comes the 'he said she said' messin' with my head | little minds with little thoughts make little sense | you'd think I went and joined a gang | they say I'm clinically insane | their endless rumors make me sick | life's gonna punch them in the...face? | yeah! 


Watch out they're right behind you planning out your final day | what's worse there's no one by you | turn around and see your own face | I guess you'll never learn why your bridges always burn | it's best to just move on | wait around while the rest of us have gone and I'll tell you | whoa something's wrong | whoa you can't go on | watch out they're comin' to find you and you know they're gonna make you pay | your inner demons are dwelling inside you and they're poisoning everything you say | you lost it | can't find it | it ruined your whole life


it seems so easy to sit back remember when life was so care-free will it come back again | cuz now I struggle with being true to myself | all these commitments are wearing down my health | go to school | get a job | be the thing that you're not | go! | it was just yesterday I was thinkin' to myself when did I put all of my dreams up on the shelf? | wanna live life so hard | wanna die young at heart | there's nothing stopping me as far as I can tell | then why is it so hard just to be the thing that you are? | my friends say never ever ever ever ever ever ever sacrifice who you are | that's right! 


I said goodbye to all my past mistakes | couldn't let the demons try to take this life away | now I live these days with no regrets | burn all those bridges that were leading to dead ends | you know it's tragic but it's true | lies can turn fiction into truth | and truth can make experts out of ordinary fools | and now you're bound who's around no one's found when your walls come tumbling down | friends come and go just like a passing breeze | some even turn themselves into your enemies | it's up to you to metamorphosize | it doesn't matter how you look through other's eyes 


You're sending the wrong signal | so what are you trying to say | cuz my mind is racing faster searching for a reason to stay | so tell me why am I the one who has to keep us from breaking down | I try everyday every night but still there's one thing I can count on all the time and that's | I'll stick around while you bring me down | so why am I the one who will stay when I should be going away |  remember how it used to be before we saw the reality that we're from different lives, different worlds | and now a boy like you deserves a different girl | I'm getting sick of the runaround | please make it stop | everything I do for you is never enough | and now I'm stuck on this carousel and I want off | I'll stick around while you figure it out | someday you'll be the one who will say goodbye to me | goodbye to me


Never really ever gave a crap and I can tell you that I'm proud of that | so many others are preoccupied about what others think about their lives | I must confess that I'm a simple girl | don't need a boy to come and rock my world | just a man who simply understands how to treat a lady | comprehend at all? |  never been a fan of sappy songs | I'm a sucker for the singalong | too many singers wanna bitch and moan when they'd be better off on their own | and when it comes to all the politics | it turns us all into idiots | you won't find me ever rallying | I'm the vote you won't be tallying at all | never considered myself ignorant | ignorance is quite the opposite of who I try to strive to always be | but we all fuck up intermittently | never really ever gave a crap | I think I already told you that | but it's a point that needs some emphasis to all the haters who are hearing this at all


I've got a secret that I'll try to hide but I'm sure I'll let it out by the end of the night | cuz I know that I'll get nervous if you look my way | and it's really kinda scary the things that I might say to you | you're beautiful both inside and out | yah you got all of the attributes I dream about | and you'd know just what I meant if you heard that line | still I gotta make a move and try to make you mine | I'll keep taking my time looking for the perfect sign to act | I'll keep taking my time until the moment passed | you, you are my everything | I hope you know | but you don't know | and I think it's impossible to roll the dice and break the ice tonight | I've got a secret that I swear I'll tell the very minute I decide to leave this personal hell | still there's something to be said for not taking the chance | of standing by a wall miserable waiting to dance | still I persist in calculating the risk | and yah the odds are 10 to 1 I'm getting that first kiss | the anticipation's making it hard to resist | still I'm right on track for another opportunity missed 


"I dunno I'm kinda hungry aren't you?" | "I mean, I could eat!" | "Whatcha thinkin'? Burgers? Pizza?" | "Two words, weanie stand!" | "oh come on!" | strolling down the strand I gotta get my life together | cuz these sandals are a workout even in bikini weather | hello mr. dune buggy please stop and rescue me cuz I've never been so damn hungry | and if I don't eat something soon I bet my tummy's gonna explode | just in time we spot a sign for burgers, dogs and beer | and as we're walking in the hostess makes it clear | no tee shirt | no service | swango! | "well, we tried!" | "why would they impose a no tee shirt rule when they're so close to the beach? Still though, weanie stand?" | "ugh" | looking for a spot to rest my legs and eat a lot and I'm not thinkin' bout a salad not for this bikini bod | every bro and chick out here is getting in my way | such a bummer on a perfect day | and if I don't eat something soon I bet my tummy's gonna explode | just in time we spot a sign for tacos and fine wine | then we wonder why there is no line | no bueno! | problemo! | swango! | "I seriously don't feel so good. I think I'm gonna hurl. blahhhhh..." | swango! | habenero | tapatio | one more time


Is this who you want to be? (honest) | is this what you want to see? (promise) | I see the tricks go up your sleeve (and I) | don't like what's happening (still you) | have that smug look on your face (always) | you're creeping round and round this place (most days) | I get the feeling you're no good (and I) | should do the things I know I should (oh yeah) | no use faking it's worth saying...| sorry sweetheart your time is done cuz nothing's ever gonna stop us | so goodbye nightmare yah just because nothing's ever gonna stop us | Did you find what you desire? (did you?) | Did it fill your soul with fire (did it?) | you make me out to be the liar (when I'm) | the one who's underneath your tire (oh yah) | demons they be not worth saving | no use faking | still worth saying...


I know a girl who lives a life so effortless | queen of her own la-la land and it makes me really sick | rumor has it there's a tragic boy in all of this | an unsuspecting bystander almost killed by a narcissist | times moving on, moving on, moving on...| how can you live with yourself? | you got no heart and soul | and we all know | enjoy your days cuz your life's about to change | can you comprehend? | welcome to the end | get out fast there's a snake in the grass and she's slithering your way | she'll charm you, disarm you, I really must alarm you I think that you're her prey | it's a vicious cycle | you're dealing with a psycho and there is no cure | it may be great at first but it only gets worse | I don't think that you'll endure | it won't be long til you're singing this song...| time and money running out honey...


see the perfect beauty at the bar | see yourself walk her to her car | and what happens next is no surprise and its a shame | cuz you're the next victim in her game | with blue eyes and candy lips | with bleach blonde hair down to her hips | you'll find it amazing she exists | you'll find her impossible to resist | and she's ready to explode | run, run, run, run, run she's a total nightmare | whoa | run, run, run, run run she's a total nightmare | when you sleep | when you dream | you'll be there suffering | she'll spend your cash until you're broke | she'll ditch your ass | call you a joke | you'll wonder how to get her back | call the doctor cuz here's your heart-attack | and it's whack | now you're ready to explode...


i just wanna drink, drink, drink, drink, drink | i don't give a damn when i'm hangin' with my friends and i got a couple bucks | there's a million people here just looking for some beer and their taste in music sucks | i just wanna drink, drink, drink, drink, drink | i don't give a fuck if you wanna be a slut just get out of my way | i don't understand how you can not comprehend you're all the fucking same | i just wanna drink, drink, drink, drink, drink | get fucking wasted 


i'm the bomb you're gonna detonate if you approach with the words you'll say | sorry boy i'm not a game to play | didn't your mother teach you anything | a dozen roses and forget-me-nots | i'm deflecting all of your best shots | i'll tell you what on the count of four | 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4,  you can not purchase me | not a whore | don't make me cause a scene | there's the door | i'm the fire and you're the flood | you spend your nights in one-handed love | you're nothing more than a waste of space | bane of existence to the human race | i don't need your jewelry | i don't need your drinks for free | i'll tell you what on the count of four | 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 | you do not threaten me | you're a bore | you can not purchase me | not a whore


i was lookin' for love when she came along | i was thinkin' i had found 'the one' | and you know the story's sad but true | sad yet nothing new | love, money, lust, guilt & sex | he's thinking 'wow' | she's thinking 'next' | and the pain it leaves you wanting more | when she's nothing but a whore | sinking further down this hole | hit the bottom never know | dreams are make-believe | yah she's the type who kills you in your sleep | something's gotta change | she stole my heart then sold my ring | she did it all with no feeling | psychologically insane | dude she's messing with your brain 


you can't make me fall in line | your plastic smile's lost it's shine | and your true color's showing through | there's no way that i'll work for you | this right here's my two week's notice | i'm leaving here cuz this is bogus | you're a waste | i know you know this | i ain't sayin' nothing new | bust my ass a million times | i'm gonna run away, run away | for what so what now i resign | i don't think i'm gonna make it | you're outta line and i can't take it so | whoa i gotta go |  i don't know i just can't be here anymore | honestly you should probably be the one who's going | but regardless i just gotta go | city streets are leading me to a place where i can sleep | forget the trials of the day | i'm blasting off to outer-space | late for work a million times | i'm gonna run away, run away | so what who care's now i resign | and i don't think i'm acting foolish | but there's no way i'm gonna do this | whoa i gotta go


when i was a little girl i only cared about one thing | how could i one day rule the world while living with my bearded king | we'd have a castle majesty with noble horses and army | we'd slay all dragons | Bilbo Baggins would attend our feast | when i was a little boy i only did things to annoy | always misbehaving making messes wanting brand new toys | flying in my rocket-ship wishing to be an astronaut | acting rude with spaceman dudes and talking to robots | how old were you when you finally gave up on the dream | "gosh I'm so embarrassed maybe 17" | wow that's really cute i think i still have the fantasy that you'd blast off to my love planet with me | well that offer sounds so good and space travel's misunderstood | cuz i don't think the aliens would brutalize my abduction | i see them more friendly like Gizmo, Ewoks, Echo or ET | "awesome grab your jetpack and explore my galaxy" | how old were you when you were living independently | "gosh i'm so embarrassed maybe 33" | wow that's a long time and i don't really mean to judge | i still think that this kingdom's built for us | whoa


welcome to my despair | why don't you stay a while | we're gettin' down to an apocalyptic brand new style | don't mean to bum you out | don't wanna cause a scene | she's got the kind of look that says she's gonna murder me | i got nowhere to run | got nowhere to hide | she's comin' after me swear she's gonna eat me alive | don't know what i did | don't know what i've done | either way I know she's got her phasers set to stun | "you don't love me anymore" | yes of course i do | you just misunderstood | "you don't love me anymore" | yes of course i do | it's just for your own good | is it typical to be reciprocal in how we show each other love | we're individuals | either way i know that i love her so | but sometimes life just makes it look like i just fucking don't


she said she's leaving tonight on the next outbound flight | she said she's got some big plans that don't involve her and me | i found it quite a surprise that night she looked in my eyes and said the words i say now | "i'm leaving you and this town" | juliette | don't forget to write to say things are well | in the meantime i'll be in hell | love can be so damn misleading | i wish i were dreaming cuz that would explain everything | i must be a fool for believing when it's awfully deceiving | when all along i thought it was fate | next time i won't be around | next time i won't be let down to hear her say she's all mine | then change her mind on a dime | i found it quite a great scare that night she colored her hair then turned my world to black | i won't forget about that


i think you oughta know that you gotta go because i said so | cuz you are ruining my day with the words you say in my private space | ah whew! | i don't need your bag of tricks | i see you sellin' it and i don't need the fix | so you should really up and go | and leave me alone because i said so | ah whew! | you do not run the show | you have no control because i said so


gonna spend the night though i know it's not right | i think i need to take a break | cuz guys like you | there's a million and two | feel the anger turn to hate | it doesn't take a genius to figure out | i've been waiting all my lifetime | don't call my phone | don't drive by my home | take the hint you total jerk | don't ask my friends when you'll see me again | stop stalking me while i work | cuz it goes on and on and on and on and on and on again | meow meow meow meow :-)